In 1966, the hut was built by Hermann und Anni Pfefferkorn. After the donationto their daughter Christl Beck, the former “Melkboden " burnt down on 13th of February 1988. The remake of the „Melkboden“ took place in the summertimes of 1989: The next generation, Christian und Maria Müller built it up like an american blockhouse.

In our times …
The winter of 1989/90, the reopening of the new "Melkboden" was set under the management of Werner und Margret Nekola who are successfully managing this traditional family enterprise at Brand up to this day. And their eldest son is organizing the kitchen staff, too.

Every year, other new guests from different countries are attracted by the „Berghof Melkboden“. Whether they are coming from the Netherlands, France or Italy, lots of regular customers are visiting the “Brandnertal”, as well in summer as in wintertimes.
1000 meters at sealevel, surrounded by the impressive mountains’ area of Brand you will have a great experience of fantastic nature, marvellous gastronomy and smartest architecture. The „Berghof Melkboden“ serves an amazing and functional comfort – especially the lookout-garden has its own extravagance but, last not least, there is also a balcony for to get some sun and have a miraculous view to the landscape.
For the next summer, the innkeeper is planning to build a lodge in addition to the inn. So, the guests will be able to stay over night in a real rustic atmosphere.